Handwriting is a reflection of your personality?

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Handwriting is a reflection of your personality?

Post by Chinki 00617402116 on Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:16 pm

Most of us simply stop paying attention to handwriting soon after high school. We have our own excuses on how being overtly busy and short of time has made us drag the letters along, sometimes to such an extent that anyone else trying to read you would have to use a magnifier. You may start thinking and even believing that handwriting doesn’t matter but what if we told you that it is at places considered a medium to gauge your personality?

The popular belief is that writing is a way of expressing and hence different mediums have been defined to guess on a person’s personality based on the slants and spaces and line levels you provide in your write up. Is handwriting actually a reflection of a person’s personality?

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